Running the VIPRERescue Virus Scanner

The VIPRERescue Deep-Scanning Tool is designed to remove extremely aggressive system infections. Note that it may be difficult to get the utility initially running, so if you have any questions or doubts about your technical ability, **stop** and contact us first before attempting to scan your system.

**You will need access to a second computer and a flash drive with at least 350MB of free space**

2. Click on the "Automated Virus Scanner" link and save the file to a flash drive.

3. Boot into Safe Mode on the non-functional computer by pressing F8 during bootup and selecting the "Safe Mode" option. This may vary depending on which operating system you currently have installed.

4. Run the VIPRERescue____.exe, where _____ is a series of numbers indicating the version number of that scanner.

5. You will be asked if you want to scan your system. Click Yes to proceed.

6. Click on the Unzip button near the top-right.

7. A small window will appear and say how many files were extracted. Click OK and the scanning process will begin. A command line window will appear and give information about anything it comes across. This scan can take overnight and will cause the computer to be unresponsive during the scanning process, so please be patient.

8. Once the scan completes a quick summary of any infections found are displayed on-screen, and a complete log of all actions taken will be created in C:\VIPRERESCUE by default.

If you wish to uninstall the scanner, simply delete the entire C:\VIPRERESCUE directory.