Starting a Remote Support Session

If you are having issues with our remote support tool, please follow these steps:

2. On the left side of your internet browser, click the "Remote Support" link.

3. Depending on your configuration, your web browser may automatically start downloading the file or it will prompt you to save or run the file. If you get a choice to do so, please click "Run". If your browser starts downloading immediately without asking, locate the file and run it, or click on it within your web browser.

4. You will be shown a window similar to the one pictured below. First at the bottom, click the "don't show again" checkbox and then click "no thanks, I'll use basic for free".

5. You will now see a screen similar to the one below. Near the top of this small window is a 9 digit number. Please communicate this number to the technician.

6. Once the technician has connected, he or she may ask to have mouse and/or keyboard control. A window will similar to the one pictured below will appear asking if the technician can take control.

7. Once you are done with your remote support session, click the small "X" near the top-right of the window to close the remote session.

Optionally, you may delete the file if you wish.